Advance booking is required for educational classes (tel. +370 5 2697800, +370 5 2697803, e-mail
Classes take place from Tuesday to Friday, 11 am – 5 pm.
The size of a group of schoolchildren is from 10 to 30 persons.
Accompanying teachers are admitted free of charge.
For educational classes in a foreign language the price is 25 Eur plus the ticket price (according to the number of schoolchildren).
Educational classes take place in the Church Heritage Museum, Šv. Mykolo St. 9, Vilnius.


Find the treasure!

We will discover the history of the treasury of Vilnius Cathedral. Valuable objects of the treasury burned in fires several times, the hiding places were plundered by thieves and the cathedral was raided by enemies searching for treasures. In the practical part of the class we will go on a treasure hunt. A hint will lead to another hint, a difficult charade will follow a riddle, and only some knowledge of history will help us find the answers... If we solve everything, a treasure will be waiting for us. Grades: 7–12. Duration – 80 min. Price – 2 Eur.
A treasure map

The treasury of Vilnius Cathedral was carefully protected from thieves, fire and enemies who attacked Vilnius during the wars. Not once the artefacts of the treasury had been pawned, and the deteriorated pieces were recast. It is a miracle that the valuable part of the treasury has reached our times. In the practical part of the class we will draw an ancient treasure map. Grades: 1–4. Duration – 80 min. Price – 2 Eur.
Christian symbols

Symbols are very important to people and have a deep meaning. What does a cross, an eye, a triangle or a dove symbolise? Why is a fish one of the oldest secret symbols of Jesus Christ? While admiring beautiful liturgical vessels, we will decipher the language of symbols and learn to make jewellery using the shrink plastic technique. Grades: 1–12. Duration – 90 min. Price – 2 Eur.
Meeting with Michael

Why are you going to meet with Michael in our museum, not Nicholas? Why does Michael the Archangel hold a lance or a sword in his hand? Why does he need a pair of scales? A guided tour and a game, different tasks and prizes are waiting for you! Grades: 1–4. Duration – 80 min. Price – 2 Eur.
Life in a convent

Dedicated to prayer, nuns lived a closed life invisible to the eyes of passers-by. What was happening behind the thick walls of the convent? What was the daily routine of the sisters? And what events would disrupt the slow and unvarying days of the Bernardine nuns? We’ll perform a fun task requiring some effort, patience and diligence (we’ll have a try at the technique of embroidery on paper or the Gothic script). Grades: 5–12. Duration – 90 min. Price – 2 Eur.



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