Past Exhibitions

The Bee of God. Exhibition of Drawings by Gintautas Vyšniauskas

In the final years of his life Gintautas Vyšniauskas (1958–2016) made a great many drawings of Lithuanian churches, architecture and landscapes. The drawings of churches in Lithuanian towns and villages created from 2014 to 2015 are professional, expressive and strike the viewer with their emotionality.
Pilgrim Badges. Archeological Evidence of the Marian Cult in Medieval Gdańsk

The exhibition of finds related to the Marian cult in Europe from the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk will be opened at the Church Heritage Museum on 6 October 2016 at 17.00. 200 exhibits have reached our days from the period of the 14th–16th century, when Gdańsk became one of the most prominent centres of pilgrimage. They will be presented in Lithuania for the first time.
Heaven and Beyond. Works of Religious Art from the Collection of Rolandas...

The collection of Rolandas Valiūnas and the law firm Valiunas Ellex is one of the best-known and most important private art collections in Lithuania today. The exhibition presents works on religious themes that reflect the rich tradition of Catholic culture in Lithuanian and European art from the 16th century to the present day. The content of the exhibition was determined by the art treasures predominant in the collection, which also dictated the structure of the exhibition, allowing us to show the complexity of the religious theme in art, and a possible variety of interpretations.
The Collector’s Office

2015 11 12 – 2016 02 27

The collection of the Reverend Franciszek Tyczkowski (1891–1982) amazes first time viewers by its diversity and conveys the collector’s permanent interest in early manuscripts, prints and artworks that changed hands many times. To amass this collection, it was essential for the collector not only to have the knowledge of foreign languages, but also to be well informed and constantly maintain social connections with people in his environment.
The Pensive Christ: From a Religious Image to a National Symbol

2015 11 08 – 2016 01 30

The aim of the exhibition “The Pensive Christ: From a Religious Image to a National Symbol” is to present the sources of the Lithuanian Pensive Christ and the close relation between professional art that mainly functioned in churches and folk art. The exhibition includes works of art that were or still are held in churches and chapels, created from the 17th century to the first half of the 20th century, representing the Pensive Christ (17 works), as well as an abundant collection of religious folk sculptures from various museums of the country (77 works).



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