Past Exhibitions

Our Lady of Trakai – Patroness of Lithuania. Treasury of the Trakai church,...

2018 06 13 – 2018 09 01

The image of Our Lady of Trakai is one of the earliest and most renowned miraculous images in Lithuania. It was the first image in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to be officially crowned with papal crowns in 1718. In the exhibition, 15th–18th c. treasury of the Trakai church is presented: crowns, frames, votives, liturgical textile, monstrances and other vessels that show the history of veneration of Our Lady of Trakai.
Masterpieces of the History of the Veneration of St. Casimir: Lithuania – Italy

2018 05 17 – 2018 10 15

The Church Heritage Museum of the Vilnius Archdiocese is holding a unique exhibition. For the first time in the history of Lithuania, the most valuable St. Casimir-themed works from the largest museums of Florence and Palermo are presented. Reliquaries, paintings and documents, vivid testimonies of the tradition of devotion to St. Casimir, are masterpieces of art. The exhibition introduces a very important stage in the history of Lithuania, shows the spread of the cult of the patron saint of Lithuania, and reveals religious and political exchange and relations with Catholic institutions in Europe.
The Embroidered Heaven. 15th–20th century embroidered liturgical vestments...

2017 11 23 – 2018 09 15

In continuation of the exhibition series launched in 2013, this exhibition presents the treasury of embroidered liturgical vestments of Lithuania from the earliest artefacts to contemporary works. The exhibition introduces a consistent history of changes of artistic styles and the course of human thought in different historical periods, reveals various aspects of the truths of faith emphasized by theologians, and presents signs of devotion to the saints. It also highlights the process of return of the treasures of the Catholic Church that started in 2005: during twelve years, more than 400 objects of church textile were returned to the Vilnius Archdiocese.
A Textile Feast, or Second Hand Culture in Lithuania. Marta Vosyliūtė’s...

2017 10 05 – 2017 10 27

"A Textile Feast" is a mixed exposition of artifacts by the Church Heritage Museum and Marta Vosyliūtė, where several centuries-old religious clothing and family relics hold discussions with new costumes featuring authorial designs that combine machine and hand work. The exhibition takes place in the impressive basement of the museum, allowing viewers to feel inside a true storehouse of stories, fate and fortunes.
Armenian Medieval Churches and Monasteries

2017 09 19 – 2017 10 19

The photo exhibition of Armenian medieval churches in both modern day Armenia and in the historic home of Armenian people offers a brief and precious glimpse into the mysterious world of Armenian spirituality. Weather-beaten, dilapidated buildings, mossy cross-stones on a mountainous plateau, and sometimes a colorful burst of young people in stylish clothes in front of an ancient monastery. The visual images can be seen as an almost tangible symbol of past and present, illustrating the rich historical and spiritual heritage of Armenia, the first Christian state in the world.



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