Past Exhibitions

Cycle of paintings of the Seda church “The Stations of the Cross”

2011 04 20 – 2011 05 25

Pictures representing the Way of the Cross from the Seda church are a rare surviving example of rural painting, which attract the viewers by their sincerity, original compositions and a great many curious details. The author of the paintings is unknown, but it is presumed that it might have been Kazys Varnelis (1871–1945), the father of the remarkable American Lithuanian artist Kazys Varnelis (1917–2010). According to another oral tradition, the Way of the Cross was created by a woman who lived in Seda.
The Old Baptismal Font of the Žemaičių Kalvarija Church

2014 06 – 2017

Very few wooden Baroque baptismal fonts have survived in Lithuania. The present font is a unique utensil of this kind of such an intricate composition and iconography.



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