Museum opening hours from 29 April onwards 2020 04 28

Museum opening hours from 29 April onwards

Church Heritage Museum is once again open to visitors!
We have taken all the necessary means to ensure your visit will be safe.
Viewing of the exhibitions The Ways Contemporary Art Reaches Churches: 1990–2019 and Objects Restored in the Workshop of Church Heritage Museum has been extended until 12 September.

You are welcome to visit!

Cathedral Belfry opening hours from 29 April:
29 April 10 AM–6 PM. Ticket office closes 5:30 PM

30 April 10 AM–5 PM. Ticket office closes 4:30 PM
Cathedral Belfry will be closed on 1 May
2–19 May 10 AM–7 PM. Ticket office closes 6:30 PM
From 20 May Mon–Fri 10 AM–6 PM. Ticket office closes 5:30 PM. Sat 10 AM–7 PM. Ticket office closes 6:30 PM.

Cathedral Crypts will resume regular hours from 11 May:

Mon–Sat 10 AM–6 PM. 

Church Heritage Museum will resume regular hours from 5 May:
Tue–Sat 11 AM–6 PM. Ticket office closes 5:30 PM

Regular tours and education at the Church Heritage Museum, Vilnius Cathedral Belfry and Crypts are limited or suspended due to COVID-19. Tours can only be booked for groups of up to two people (from May 18th up to five people), unless they are family members or close relatives. 

Rules for ensuring safety during your visit:

1. Before going to the museum, please consider the state of your health and be aware that you may be asked to have your temperature taken and refused entrance if you have a temperature of over 37.2 °C or have acute symptoms of upper respiratory infection.
2. Wear protective facial equipment.
3. Come in groups no larger than two people (from May 18th no larger than five people), with the exception of families and close relatives.
4. Make sure to disinfect your hands when you arrive at the museum.
5. When at the museum, maintain a safe distance of 2 metres between visitor groups and staff.
6. Practice proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.
7. If direct communication is necessary, it should be limited to no more than 15 minutes.
8. In order to control the number of visitors, we will be serving one visitor at a time.
9. Please wait outside or at a dedicated sign until you can be served.
10. Please avoid using cash for payment; use contactless if possible.
11. Maintain a safe distance of 2 meters when stopping or passing people on floors and in staircases.
12. All touchable surfaces and parts of the exhibition are disinfected regularly; be careful when holding on to railings as they may be damp.
13. Do not use reusable exhibition headphones. Instead, you can listen to the stories on your smart devices.
14. Follow the verbal instructions of the staff throughout your visit.

More information:
Tel. + 37060012080; +37052697803




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