About the museum

The Church Heritage Museum comprises three objects in Vilnius. The Treasury is located at Šv. Mykolo St. 9. The Bell Tower and the Crypts of the Vilnius Cathedral can be found at Cathedral Square 2. It is recommended to contact us before your arrival by phone: +370 5 269 7803.

How to reach us?

Click here to open a window with information and photos about the entrance to the Treasury and its premises.

Click here to open a window with information and photos about the entrance to the Bell Tower of the Vilnius Cathedral and its premises.

3D tour
Click here to open a window with a 3D tour to the Treasury’s buildings. 
Audio guide

A complimentary audio guide to the Treasury is available in Lithuanian and English. This 90-minute journey introduces you to the exhibits, the history, and the founder of the Treasury. Explore beyond the Treasury as the audio guide unfolds tales of the Vilnius Cathedral, its chapels, paintings, the Crypts, and the Bell Tower. 

Hearing impairments

We’ve taken steps to accommodate hearing-impaired visitors at the museum.


In the Treasury, tablets provide written information about the building’s history and exhibits. Additionally, a printed guide, available as a book or a leaflet, offers an alternative way to explore the Treasury’s rich heritage. 

Mobility impairments

We’ve made efforts to enhance accessibility for visitors with mobility impairments at the museum.  

A ramp at the Treasury’s gate and wide door access facilitate easy entry. The entire ground floor is freely accessible, including the path to the toilets.

However, due to the age of the structures, the Bell Tower and Crypts of the Vilnius Cathedral are not currently suitable for persons with mobility impairments. These areas lack elevators, feature numerous steps, and have low and narrow passages. 

Sensory impairments

We strive to make the museum inclusive for visitors with sensory impairments. Click here to open the museum’s sensory map.