About the museum

The Church Heritage Museum in Vilnius comprises three objects: the Treasury, the Bell Tower, and the Crypts. Our open cultural space invites exploration into the rich tapestry of church heritage. Discover an extraordinary collection featuring church art, artifacts and other exhibits significant for Lithuanian culture, and the largest array of liturgical textiles in Lithuania.


Our mission is to kindle a fascination with historical heritage, unveiling its universal allure. Every visitor is encouraged to initiate a personal dialogue with history and heritage. Through curated exhibitions, educational tours, and activities for kids, schoolchildren, and adults, we create an immersive experience at the museum. Among our activities is publishing and scientific research.


Our commitment extends to preserving, conserving, and restoring church valuables and textiles from the parishes of the Vilnius Archdiocese for future generations.


Since opening our doors in 2009, we have been a gateway to the Treasury, the Bell Tower, and the Crypts of the Vilnius Archcathedral. Embark on a journey to visit us today.



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