Tolling of bells

You can listen to the bells of the Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral every day at 17.00.

Bell Tower

The belfry is an element of key importance in the complex of the Vilnius Archcathedral Basilica and the Higher and Lower Castles, as well as one of the main vertical landmarks of the Old Town of Vilnius. As a heritage object, the building is acclaimed for its volume, décor elements and authentic constructions. The 13th century tower originally was part of the defensive wall.

Its ground floor has survived almost in its entirety. In the 16th century, the defensive tower was converted into the cathedral belfry, and acquired its present appearance in the early 19th century. The height of the belfry of the Vilnius Cathedral is 52 metres (57 metres with the cross). The visitors can ascend the stairs to the top floor (45 m) and admire impressive views of the city.

The thickness of the belfry walls varies from 2.8 m to 4 m. During its entire history the belfry repeatedly suffered from fire, and even today, traces of the largest fires – damaged bricks and blackened stones – can be seen. In addition to these historical walls, inside the belfry the visitors can see no less impressive 19th century wooden constructions and climb the stairs that have survived from that period.
We invite the visitors to have a close look at the bells and listen to their sound.

Those who are fond of modern technologies or are unable to climb to the very top of the tower can admire the views of Vilnius from a virtual lookout platform with the help of the cameras set at the height of 52 m, which can be operated by the visitors themselves and can show what is going on around the tower here and now.



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